Authors "D"

Dahl, Michael
Be a Star, Wonder Woman!
Bedtime for Batman
The Flash: Trickster's Bubble Trouble
Good Morning, Superman!
Good vs Evil: Alien Snow
Good vs Evil: Dungeon of Seven Dooms
Princess Candy: The Evil Echo
Twilight of the Gods

Dahl, Roald
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Fantastic Mr. Fox
James and the Giant Peach

Dalgleish, Alice
The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
The Courage of Sarah Nobel

Dallas, Sandra
Whiter Than Snow

Dalrymple, Farel
The Wrenchies

Daniel, Tony S.
Batman Detective Comics, Vol. 1: Faces of Death
Deathstroke Vol. 1: Gods of Wars
The Savage Hawkman, Vol. 1: Darkness Rising

Daniels, Kenton
Blood for Stone

Darling, Lois & Louis

Dauvillier, Loic
Hidden: A Child's Story of the Holocaust

David, Arvind Ethan
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: A Spoon Too Short (DNF)

David, Peter
Dreadstar (Vol 2) #63: The Day the Urth Stood Still 

Davis, Graeme
Thor: The Viking God of Thunder

Davis, Jim
Garfield & Co. #7: Home for the Holidays
The Garfield Show #4: Little Trouble in Big China

Davidson, Andrew
The Gargoyle

Davidson, Margaret
Five True Dog Stories

Davies, Nicola
Welcome to Silver Street Farm

Davies, Robertson
Fifth Business
High Spirits: A Collection of Ghost Stories
Leaven of Malice
The Lyre of Orpheus
The Manticore
A Mixture of Frailties
The Rebel Angels
What's Bred in the Bone
World of Wonders

Davis, Eleanor
How to Be Happy
The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook

Davis, J.D.
Unconquered: The Saga of Cousins Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart, and Mickey Gilley

Davis, Lauren B.
Our Daily Bread DNF

Davodeau, Etienne
The Initiates: A Comic Artist and a Wine Artisan Exchange Jobs

Dawson, Willow
Hyena in Petticoats: The Story of Suffragette Nellie McClung
Lila & Ecco's Do-It-Yourself Comic Club

Day, Felicia
The Guild Library Edition Volume 1

Deacon, Alexis
Geis: A Matter of Life and Death
Geis II: A Game Without Rules 

De Assis, Machado
The Alienist

Deaver, Jeffery
More Twisted: Collected Stories 2
Roadside Crosses

Debois, François 
Jack the Ripper

De Campi, Alex
Mayday   (DNF)

DeConnick, Kelly Sue
Pretty Deadly, Vol. 1

Dedman, Bill
Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune

Defilippis, Nunzio
The Avalon Chronicles Vol. 1: Once in a Blue Moon (with Christine Weir)
Bad Medicine Vol. 1: New Moon (with Christine Weir)

De Goldi, Kate
The ACB with Honora Lee

de Heer, Margreet
Science: A Discovery in Comics

Dejesus, Gina
Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland (with Amanda Berry)

DeJong, Meindert
The Wheel on the School (illus. Maurice Sendak)

Dekker, Ted
BoneMan's Daughters
The Bride Collector
Burn (with Erin Healy)
The Circle Series: The Visual Edition
Immanuel's Veins

de la Bédoyère, Camilla
Could an Octopus Climb a Skyscraper?: ...and other questions

Delaney, J.P.
The Girl Before

Del Col, Anthony
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie

de Liguori, Saint Alfonso Maria 
Visits to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Virgin Mary

De Longchamp, Henri
Hail Mary

de Maupassant, Guy
The Horla

Demetris, Alex
Dad's Not All There Any More: A comic about dementia

de Montford, Saint Louis
The Secret Of The Rosary

Dennys, Joyce
Henrietta's War: News from the Home Front 1939-1942

Denson, Abby
Cool Japan Guide: Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats and Ramen

dePaola, Tommie
Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile
The Clown of God
The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush
The Legend of the Poinsettia
Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland
Strega Nona

de Pins, Arthur
Zombillenium 1: Gretchen
Zombillenium 2: Human Resources

Desbordes, Astrid
Edmond, The Moonlit Party

Deshpande, Sanjay
In Defense of the Realm

Desjarlais, John

Desmond, Jenni
The Blue Whale

DeStephano, Lauren
Perfect Ruin

Deutsch, Barry
Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword
Hereville: How Mirka Met a Meteorite

Dexter, Colin
Last Bus to Woodstock

DiCamillo, Kate
Bink & Gollie (with Alison McGhee)
Bink & Gollie: Two for One (with Alison McGhee)
Great Joy
Leroy Ninker Saddles Up
The Magician's Elephant
Mercy Watson Fights Crime
Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride
Mercy Watson Princess in Disguise
Mercy Watson Something Wonky This Way Comes
Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig
Mercy Watson to the Rescue
The Tale of Despereaux

Dickens, Charles
A Christmas Carol; (graphic novel); (graphic novel)
David Copperfield
Great Expectations; (graphic novel); (manga);
Hard Times
A Tale of Two Cities

Dickey, Colin
Cranioklepty: Grave Robbing and the Search for Genius

Didio, Dan
DC Universe Presents, Vol. 1: Deadman/Challengers of the Unknown (with Paul Jenkins)
O.M.A.C. (New 52) Vol. 1: Omactivate!

Di Fiore, Mariangela
Elephant Man

Diggle, Andy
James Bond: Hammerhead

Dillies, Renaud
Betty Blues
Bubbles & Gondola

Dilorenzo, Thomas
The Problem with Socialism

Dingess, Chris
Manifest Destiny, Vol. 1: Flora and Fauna

Dingli, Rosanne
Counting Churches: The Malta Stories

Dini, Paul
Batman: Arkham Unhinged, Vol. 1 (with Derek Fridolfs)
Gotham City Sirens, Vol. 1: Union (with Scott Lobdell)
Superman Adventures: Men of Steel

Dixon, Chuck
Civil War Adventure, Book One
The Dark Horse Comics/DC: Superman (with Dan Jurgins & Mike Allred)
Detective Comics (Bloodlines) Annual #6

DK Publishing
Story of the Titanic

Dobzhanska, Natalia 
Legend of an Iron Tower and Other Fables... 

Doctorow, Cory
In Real Life

Dohaney, Rainy (aka Renee French)
My Best Sweet Potato

Doherty, Berlie
Street Child

Dokey, Cameron
Winter's Child

Dolman, Gary
The Eighth Circle of Hell
Red Dragon - White Dragon

Domingo, Jose
Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption

Donnelly, Judy
The Titanic: Lost ... And Found

Donoghue, Emma

Donohue, Keith
Angels of Destruction

Doran, Colleen
A Distant Soil: The Gathering
Troll Bridge by Neil Gaiman (illus. only)

Dorff, Matt
The Book of Revelation

Dormal, Alexis
Anna Banana and the Chocolate Explosion

Dorros, Arthur
Ant Cities

Doughty, Caitlin
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory

Douglas, John E.
Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit (with Mark Olshaker)

Dowd, Charles C.
Alterna AnniverSERIES: Lilith Dark
Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree

Dowling, Rev. John
Have You Been Saved?: A Catholic Perspective

Downs, Tim
Nick of Time

Doyle, Alan
Where I Belong: Small Town to Great Big Sea

Doyle, Brian
Up to Low

Doyle, Ming
Constantine: The Hellblazer Vol. 1: Going Down (with James Tynion IV)

Drysdale, Rosemary
Entrelac: The Essential Guide to Interlace Knitting 

Duffy, Carol Ann
The Gift

Duggan, Gerry
Arkham Manor
The Last Christmas (with Brian Posehn)

Dumas, Alexandre
The Count of Monte Cristo (graphic novel)

du Maurier, Daphne
The Birds and Other Stories 
Don't Look Now and Other Stories

Duncan, Lois
Gallows Hill
The Gift of Magic
I Know What You Did Last Summer

Dunning, John Harris
Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers

Duns, Jeremy
Free Agent
Free Country

Dupre, Judith
The Heart of the Beast (with Dean Motter)

Durrell, Gerald
Birds, Beasts and Other Relatives
The Drunken Forest
My Family and Other Animals
Rosie is My Relative

Dussling, Jennifer
Gragoyles: Monsters in Stone

Dutton, Kevin
The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success

Dysart, Joshua
Neil Young's Greendale

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