Authors "L"

Lagos, Alexander & Joseph
The Sons of Liberty

Lamb, Wally
Wishin' and Hopin': A Christmas Story

L'Amour, Louis
Law of the Desert Born: Graphic Novel (by Charles Santino)

Lane, Patrick
Red Dog Red Dog

Lang, John
Lone Hawk: The Story of Air Ace Billy Bishop

Langridge, Roger
Betty Boop

Langton, Jane
A Diamond in the Window
The Hedgehog Boy: A Latvian Folk Tale

Lanzara, Joseph
Dante's Inferno: The Graphic Novel

Lapena, Shari
 The Couple Next Door

LaPlante, Alice
Turn of Mind

Larranaga, James Michael
In the Company of Wolves: Thinning the Herd 

Larson, Erik
Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania
In the Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and an American Family in Hitler's Berlin 

Larson, Hope
Madeleine Lengle's A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel 
Who is AC?

Lasky, Kathryn
The Capture
Felix Takes the Stage
The Journey

Latham, Frank
Jed Smith, Trailblazer of the West

Latham, Irene
Leaving Gee's Bend

Lattimore, Eleanor Frances
Beachcomber Boy
Bird Song
Laurie and Company
Little Pear: The Story of a Little Chinese Boy
Little Pear and His Friends
Little Pear and the Rabbits
More About Little Pear
The Three Firecrackers

Laurie, Victoria
Oracles of Delphi Keep

Lawrence, Iain
Gemini Summer
The Seance
The Skeleton Tree

Lawson, Julie
A Ribbon of Shining Steel: The Railway Diary of Kate Cameron

Lawson, Robert
Ben and Me

Lazar, Carole
Lucy Unstrung

Lazaro, Robert
Robert Heinlein's Citizen of the Galaxy

Leach, Maria
The Thing at the Foot of the Bed and Other Scary Tales

Leaming, Barbara
Katharine Hepburn

Learmonth, Eleanor
No Mercy: True Stories of Disaster, Survival, and Brutality (with Jenny Tabakoff)

Leavitt, Martine
Keturah & Lord Death

Leckie, Keith Ross
Coppermine DNF

Lee, Dennis
Alligator Stew: Favourite Poems

Lee, Jen
Garbage Night

Lee, Rebecca
Bobcat and Other Stories

Lee, Sally
Healthy Snacks, Healthy You!

Lee, Tony
Excalibur, The Legend of King Arthur: A Graphic Novel
Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies DNF

Lee, Tosca
Iscariot: A Novel of Judas

Lee, Y.S.
The Body in the Tower
A Spy in the House
The Traitor in the Tunnel

Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan
Green Tea and Other Ghost Stories

Le Gall, Pierre
Constance and the Great Escape

Leiber, Fritz
The Night of the Long Knives

Leigh, Wendy
Jeannie Out of the Bottle (with Barbara Eden)

Leijten, Aileen
Lint Boy

Leitch, Adelaide
Lukey Paul From Labrador

Lelan, Rev. J.M.
Pray the Rosary: for Rosary Novenas, Family Rosary, Private Recitation, Five First Saturdays

Lemire, Jeff
Animal Man (New 52) Vol. 1: The Hunt
Black Hammer, Vol. 1: Secret Origins 
Black Hammer, Vol. 2: The Event 
Bloodshot Reborn: Deluxe Edition, Book 1
Essex County Vol. 1: Tales From the Farm
Essex County Vol. 2: Ghost Stories
Essex County Vol. 3: The Country Nurse
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. (New 52) Vol. 1: War of the Monsters
Green Arrow (New 52) Vol. 4: The Kill Machine 
Green Arrow (New 52) Vol. 5: The Outsiders War
Justice League Dark (New 52), Vol. 2: The Books of Magic
Justice League Dark (New 52), Vol. 3: The Death of Magic (with Ray Fawkes)
Lost Dogs
Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 1

Lemke, Amy J.
Too Short for the Court

Lemke, Donald
Batman: Mad Hatter's Movie Madness
DC Super-Petss: The Amazing Mini-Mutts
Good vs. Evil: The Awakening
Good vs. Evil: Diver Down
Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution #1: Drop In

Lendler, Ian
The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Macbeth
The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue Presents Romeo and Juliet

L'Engle, Madeleine
A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel (by Hope Larson)

Lengyel, Olga
Five Chimneys: The Story of Auschwitz

Leskov, Nikolai
The Enchanted Wanderer

Lesy, Michael
Wisconsin Death Trip

Letts, Billie
Shoot the Moon

Level, Maurice
Thirty Hours with a Corpse: and Other Tales of the Grand Guignol

Leverson, Ada
Love's Shadow

Levin, Ira
Rosemary's Baby
The Stepford Wives

Levine, Corey
Monsuno Combat Chaos Vol. 2: Revenge/Sacrifice (with Brian Smith)

Levine, Ellen
If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King
If You Travelled West in a Covered Wagon

Levine, James A.
The Blue Notebook

Levinson, Nancy Smiler
Snowshoe Johnson

Levitin, Sonia
Journey to America

Levitz, Paul
Huntress: Crossbow at the Crossroads
Legion of Super-Heroes (New 52), Vol. 1: Hostile World 

Levy, Pierre Oscar

Lewis, C.S.
Mere Christianity

Lewis, John (Robert)
March: Book One (with Andrew Aydin)
March: Book Two (with Andrew Aydin)

Lewis, Thomas P.
Hill of Fire

Lieberman, AJ
The Silver Six

Liesche, Margit

Lindgren, Astrid
Pippi Longstocking

Lindsay, Jeff
Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Lines, Kate
Crime Seen: Stories from Behind the Yellow Tape, From Patrol Cop to Profiler 

The Big Wet Balloon
Good Night, Planet
Written and Drawn by Henrietta

Link, Alex
Rebel Blood

Lippman, Laura
Another Thing to Fall
Baltimore Blues
Butcher's Hill
Charm City
I'd Know You Anywhere
Life Sentences

Liss, David
Green Hornet: Reign of the Demon
The Spider Vol. 1: Terror of the Zombie Queen

Little, Jean
All Fall Down
Brothers Far From Home
Exiles from the War
From Anna
If I Die Before I Wake
Look Through My Window
Mine For Keeps

Little, Troy
Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Liu, Jing
Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity: The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to the Yuan Dynasty

Liu, Marjorie
Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening

Livingstone, Star

Lobdell, Scott
Army of Darkness/Xena, Warrior Princess: Forever and a Day
Gotham City Sirens, Vol. 1: Union (with Paul Dini)
Red Hood and the Outlaws (New 52) Vol. 1: Redemption
Red Hood and the Outlaws (New 52) Vol. 3: Death of the Family
Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth) Vol. 1: Dark Trinity
Red Hood and the Outlaws (Rebirth) Vol. 2: Who Is Artemis? 
Red Hood/Arsenal, Vol. 1: Open for Business
Superboy (New 52) Vol. 1: Incubation
Teen Titans (New 52) Vol. 1: It's Our Right to Fight
Teen Titans (New 52) Vol. 3: Death of the Family

Lobel, Arnold
Days with Frog and Toad
Frog and Toad All Year
Frog and Toad are Friends
Frog and Toad Together
Grasshopper on the Road
Greg's Microscope (illustrator only)
Mouse Tales
Owl at Home
The Random House Book of Mother Goose
Small Pig
Uncle Elephant

Loebs, Bill
Justice League America (Bloodlines) Annual #7

Lofting, Hugh
The Story of Doctor Dolittle
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle

London, Jack
Call of the Wild
Graphic Classics: Jack London edited by Tom Pomplun (graphic novel)
The Sea-Wolf; Classics Illustrated Deluxe (graphic novel)

Lonsdale, Anne

Lord, Michelle
The Quick Quarterback

Lorimer, Colin
The Hunt

Losure, Mary
The Fairy Ring or Frances and Elsie Fool the World

Lottridge, Celia Barker
Ticket to Curlew

Lovasick, Father Lawrence
My First Catechism

Lovecraft, H.P.
Manga Adaptations:
H.P. Lovecraft's the Hound and Other Stories by Gō Tanabe

Lovejoy, Bess
Rest in Pieces: The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses

Lowry, Lois
Gathering Blue
The Giver
Number the Stars
The Silent Boy

Luciani, Brigitte
Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox #1: The Meeting

Lucke, Deb
The Lunch Witch
Lunch Witch: Knee-deep in Niceness

Luhning, Holly

Lunn, Janet
The Hollow Tree
Larger Than Life: True Stories of Canadian Heroes
Laura Secord: A Story of Courage

Lupton, Hugh
The Adventures of Odysseus (with Daniel Morden)
Tales of Mystery and Magic

Lutz, Lisa
The Passenger

Lynch, Jay
Otto's Backward's Day (with Frank Cammuso)

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